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Did you know?

It takes 500 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in landfill

When a plastic bottle is recycled it can make up a new bottle in as little as 6 weeks

Recycling a plastic bottle saves enough energy to light a bulb for 6 hours

Current reserves of remaining crude oil are estimated to last between 65 - 100 years

Using recycled plastic to make bottles uses about a third of the energy needed when using new material

48% of Coca-Cola Enterprises carbon footprint is in its packaging

In GB in 2011 around half of all bottles used were collected for recycling, more than ever before but that means around half were still lost

A great partnership

In May 2012 ECO Plastics and Coca-Cola Enterprises officially opened Continuum Recycling – making Lincolnshire the home of the world's largest and most sophisticated plastic bottle reprocessing plant.

What we do

Continuum Recycling is a Joint Venture between ECO Plastics and Coca-Cola Enterprises which can reprocess around 150,000 tonnes of plastic each year and can turn plastic from used drinks bottles into new bottles for Coca-Cola within as little as 6 weeks.


The Continuum Recycling Education Centre is part of Coca-Cola Enterprises' award winning education program. The centre is staffed by a GTC registered teacher and hosts curriculum focussed visits for secondary school students.

Plant facts

We reprocess around half of all the plastic bottles collected for recycling in GB.

The plant has around 1.5 mile of conveyors and over 10 miles of cabling.

We save approximately 33,500 tonnes of carbon each year, the same as taking nearly 16,000 cars off the road.

The carbon we save each year through our process is the same as planting over 16 million trees.

The plant saves around 33,500 tonnes of carbon each year, the same as over 12,000 houses would use.

Continuum Recycling is a joint venture between ECO Plastics and Coca-Cola Enterprises which revolutionises recycling in GB and establishes a continuous process for recycling plastic bottles in this country.

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